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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Recommended Past Topics

While the author is temporarily preoccupied with a suddenly urgent matterQuite fascinating and perhaps subject of a future post. he recommends to the attention of readers looking for new content three older groups of posts:

  • In the Racial Profiling Done Right posts, the author recommends a better way to perform racial profiling which strangely has not been taken up.
  • In the Kelo posts, the author disagrees with many of his ideological fellow-travelers and defends the outcome of the Kelo decision, despised by populists across the political spectrum.
  • In Drunk Driving Licenses, the author suggests a concept, perhaps unsound, but amusing to reason about.

Comments welcome.And be not surprised if suddenly a lot of older comments on these posts show up. The author has almost finished debugging the code to import the old, currently invisible, Blogger comments to the new Disqus forums without the aid of either Blogger or Disqus.