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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Global Warming Addendum

One quick point, to add to my global warming summary from last month.

The constant references to CO2 as "dirty" or a "pollutant" both in popular discourse and in recent Supreme Court decisions is unscientific and rather annoying. Carbon dioxide (a) has been ubiquitous in the atmosphere for as long as there has been organic life, (b) is absolutely essential for the continued existence of organic, including human, life, and (c) is utterly harmless to humans (and all other forms of life) at current concentrations (or any level of concentration contemplated even in the most apocalyptic scenarios).

If CO2 is an atmospheric "pollutant," it is difficult to imagine what component of the atmosphere, including oxygen and water vapor, is not a "dirty" "pollutant."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

TSA vs. My Two-Year Old Girl

Daughter (2)

This blog post merely recounts one more encounter with the Transportation Security Administration. Like so many other reports, it is merely an anecdote, rather than statistical proof of the thuggish ways of that agency. Yet, it strikes me as at least as cruel as several other incidents that recently have gained national attention, so it might be worth posting and reading.