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Monday, September 21, 2015

Administrative Notes

A few changes have been made to this blog that may be of interest:

  1. Readers interested in the content of the blog, but understandably unwilling to check the page frequently to discover when there has been one of the admittedly sporadic additions, can now subscribe via e-mail on the form in the right column. In addition, readers have always been able to subscribe to the full RSS feed.Caveat to readers using either e-mail subscription or RSS feed: The blog often contains typographical features, like equations or footnotes, which do not translate well into those formats and may appear as gobbledygook. Also, the author frequently edits posts after publication: to correct orthographical errors or solecisms, or to add explanatory footnotes or illustrations (but never to retract statements; in retraction is called-for, it will be in a new post). In those cases, it is recommended that the reader visit the actual blog where things display correctly and completely. E-mail and RSS subscriptions are still perfectly useful for other posts or as notifications that something new has been added.
  2. There is now a blogroll, also in the right column. Listing of a blog there indicates no more or less than that the author regularly reads it and recommends it to his readers. It does not imply that the author endorses all, or even most, of what is posted there.
  3. As part of these changes to the blog layout, the blog appears to have switched back to Blogger, rather than Disqus, comments. That was not the author's intention and comments appear to have returned to Disqus now. The author apologises to any commenters whose words were misdirected to Blogger comments and are now invisible. The author is diligently working on a solution to transfer all of these Blogger comments to Disqus.