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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Sad Day

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Today the two leading candidates for the presidency are a pair of friends. One is the nation’s top crony-capitalist, a wizard manipulator, and an ill-mannered buffoon.This fact, being subject to judicial notice, requires no citation. The other, a woman whose principal virtue touted by her most intelligent supportersAnother intelligent Progressive, Kevin Drum, defends this argument along these lines: Sure, the laws are great! We Progressives love the law! As long as the rest of you cooperate sufficiently, as historically you have, to allow us to get whatever we want, we’ll happily follow the law. But if you tea-bagging bigots don’t, screw the law and we’ll get whatever we want anyway. Progressives appear to believe that they will always be the beneficiaries of governmental lawlessness, as lately they have been. Perhaps they are right and their ascendancy is permanent. But if the wheel should ever turn again, it will be amusing to observe how quickly they become legalists and such arguments are memory-holed. is the demonstrated willingness not to let niceties like the laws get in the way of delivering the goods. Both are awful, even by the standards of politicians. It is enough to return one to the catatonia of melancholy. Better to think of more pleasing and rewarding abstractions.