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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Note on Pseudonymity

This blog is blatantly and openly pseudonymous. Blatant because it is published and written under a name obviously different than the author's legal name. Open because anybody with even a smidgen of Internet know-how (and many without) can figure out the legal name of the author with a few minutes snooping at most.

So why bother with this semi-anonymity?

  • Truly pseudonymous blogging can and has been done, but is far more trouble than it is worth to the author. Ever increasing precautions against discovery by ever more sophisticated methods would in this case be a symptom of either paranoia or delusions of grandeur. The author tries to avoid both.
  • The author, while glad to defend his writings here to anybody interested, would just as soon not impose his boring obsessions on anybody who just innocently googles his name.
  • Finally, the author has used the same pseudonym more or less consistently all over the net and elsewhere for a decade or two and is loathe to part with it entirely.

Hence, Sub Specie Æternitatis lives.